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What Our Customers are Saying...

I found all of the teas I sampled from Sterling Tea to be very delicious and easy on the taste buds. I did not have a hard time knocking these back at all. They had flavor, tasted good, and also smelled amazing. In fact by the time I got to the third tea Apricot Oolong, I was beginning to feel a little tea drunk.
"We LOVE Sterling Tea!! Such a fun way to spend our Saturday morning and we can't wait to serve your amazing tea!" - Elisa Guest Tiffee
"The makings of the greatest green tea ice cream everrrrr!" - Monkey King Banana Stand
"English Breakfast Tea! One of the best cups of tea I have tasted in any restaurant I have been in, here in the Dallas area." - Ruth H.
"We are honored to partner with our friends at Sterling Tea. Their loose leaf tea blends are hand crafted in Rockwall, Texas. Each offering comes with individual tea pouches. Fill it up & drop it in your hot water. Tea for civilized people, without all the fussy equipment. Brilliant!" - Resurrected Designs
Saturday Yoga at the park!! Our Strawberry Hibiscus Tea makes a perfect post yoga bev!! - WildCatter Coffee
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