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Become a Tea Partner

Do you own or work with a Restaurant, Coffee/Tea shop, Gourmet store, spa, or other tea venture?
Sterling Tea looks forward to partnering with quality businesses throughout the U.S.

We offer:

  • Bulk Loose Leaf teas and herbs

  • Commercial Iced Teas

  • Retail Packaged Teas

  • Private Label

  • Exclusive Blending Services

  • Tea Consulting & Training

​We invite you to join our mission to introduce the pure pleasures of premium tea to your customers!

Please fill out our brief wholesale application and let's talk Tea!

Schedule a Free Call  

to Discuss your Tea Business Goals and Needs

Bulk Tea and Herbs 

Decorative imgae of loose-leaf black tea

Commercial Iced Tea 

decorative image of refreshing iced tea

Retail Ready Packaging


Ready to add more profit to your business by offering Sterling Teas & Herbals? 

Call us for more information 972.722.0506 or                  

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