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Become a Tea Partner

Do you own or work with a Restaurant, Coffee/Tea shop, Gourmet store, spa, or other tea venture?
Sterling Tea looks forward to partnering with quality businesses throughout the U.S.

We offer:

  • Bulk Loose Leaf teas and herbs

  • Commercial Iced Teas

  • Retail Packaged Teas

  • Private Label

  • Exclusive Blending Services

  • Tea Consulting & Training

​We invite you to join our mission to introduce the pure pleasures of premium tea to your customers!

Please fill out our brief wholesale application and let's talk Tea!

Schedule a Free Call  

to Discuss your Tea Business Goals and Needs

Bulk Tea and Herbs 

Commercial Iced Tea 

Retail Ready Packaging

Ready to add more profit to your business by offering Sterling Teas & Herbals? 
Call us for more information 972.722.0506 or 
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